5 Things Sales People Can Learn From Network Marketers

  1. Everyone they know, knows what they are selling
  2. Drink the Kool-Aid
  3. Be prepared for opposition and don’t care what anyone thinks
  4. Consistency is key
  5. Invest in people and education
Everyone they know, knows what they are selling

Say what you want about network marketing, it works. No pun intended for people who sell that product. I have multiple friends who sell Rodan and Fields, Young Living, Doterra, Plexus, AdvoCare, Arbonne and Beauty Counter. These are friends who are actually successful and making good income, going on the free trips, winning the free Lexus lease, etc. The market may seem saturated with all these brands because you see it all over your social media feed, and get messages in your inbox, but for that very reason, they are winning. You know what they are doing, who they are, what they are selling.

When I first got into Commercial Real Estate, I asked my mentor a tangible task I could do to start advancing my career and he told me that everyone should know what I do. The more people who know what I do, the more likely I get a call when someone encounters a commercial real estate question. I am still trying to get better at this, but it has worked. I have had numerous friends reach out on social media because they saw my stories, posts, profile, etc.

Drink the Kool-Aid

Talk about brand loyalty…have you every talked to an essential oil distributor about using another essential oil brand? They have about 23,987 articles, facts, testimonials, and science for you to review of why you should not be using the other brand. I am not knocking it, I am stating a fact. They know their products through and through and they know their competition. They use the products daily and let you know how they work and are weaved into their lives. This is what makes an amazing sales person. If they are such an advocate and so passionate, then it must be good, right? I mean when you go to a restaurant and order something and the waiter cringes, you probably question your order. At least, I do. I have a friend who orders whatever the waiter recommends. It stresses me out, but he is never disappointed. He said they would know better than him and goes with what they think.

I love my job as a commercial real estate broker. I did residential real estate before I transitioned. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I wasn’t convinced what I was doing was really where I wanted to end up. The result of this was lack of self esteem and motivation to tell everyone what I did and how I could help them. Now, having more passion about my role and my company, without a doubt, I am a walking billboard for how commercial brokers can really help your business. No “I think we can help.” I know we can help.

Be prepared for opposition and don’t care what anyone thinks

 “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”  -W. Clement Stone.

Network marketers end up in your inboxes and all over your social media feed, why? Because they don’t care if they are annoying you. They have already mastered points one and two, so now they share. They reach out to you and when they do, they have already prepared themselves for being ignored, made fun of, or given excuses. Their responses are ready and will continue to reach out, even after you give them valid excuse. To network marketers, excuses are just a part of the sales pitch. “I don’t have time to do network marketing, I have a job and a family.” Their response, “Wouldn’t you like to be able to spend more time with your family and still make money?”

When I make cold calls, my mentor’s voice is in my head, “Give, don’t take. You are calling them to help them, give them information, a service, advice, and save them money.” When I come in with that frame of mind that I am helping solve a problem opposed to bugging them, I feel much more motivated to call. When you genuinely believe you can help, you won’t feel like you are annoying. Yeah, I get shut down a lot, but when I am prepared for their responses, it gives me ease. “We don’t need anyone to help us with our real estate, we use LoopNet.” Do you know that LoopNet does not have all the market availability on it? You are missing out on tons of listings and my services are 100% free to you.”

Consistency is key

They show up in your social media feed/inbox again and again. They have mastered all the steps so far and will continue to remind you. They live and breath their product which makes them motivated to continue to contact you. Not only are they consistent in their contact, they are consistent in their business practices. It then becomes second nature to do, say, and share. Their pitch is simple and consistent which makes it sustainable.

I heard a quote once that said “If you are persistent, you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.” My husband was very persistent with me before we started dated, after four attempts, he won me over, but he had to be consistent in his actions to make me take his last name and here we are. He got it and kept it. If you ever have to make sales calls, you have probably seen the image going around about the call statistics: 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. They also say 80% of statistics are made up, but regardless, this is a statistic worth believing if it gets you to make the habit of picking up the phone consistently.

Invest in people and education

One of the main goals of network marketing is building a team. You can make your money from people buying products monthly, but where you really succeed is building your empire with likeminded people who believe in the product, the mission, and execute. I have bought products from my friends to support them. With doing this, I have been put in some of their group chats and Facebook groups and the amount of encouragement I see is amazing. Yes, there is a monetary benefit to the community building, but where is the harm in telling each other how awesome you are and encouraging people to go after their goals? We need more of this. Sometimes life feels like it gives you a big kick in the ass, so it’s nice to have some people that help you up, give you a band aid, and tell you how awesome you are. It makes you want to fight back.

Sales can be a lonely gig. It’s a paradox. You’re constantly around people, yet you are in competition with those in your industry network. Network marketers say the more the merrier and focus on developing their people which leads to more profit. Of course, they want the profit, but people first, then profit. They are also always posting new innovations, science, and knowledge. They are always seeking the opportunity to grow in knowledge and personal development.

I feel like in my career, I always make sure I know about anything that will affect the real estate industry, property rights, taxes, interest rates, market rates, tenant incentives, etc. Always a student, always learning to be the best I can be for my clients so I can consistently help them.

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

Keep on keeping on, network marketers and sales people.

What have you learned from other jobs you’ve had or from other friend’s jobs? There is something to these oversharing times we live in now. Let’s take advantage of it and learn all we can from each other. Oh, and I wouldn’t be doing what I learned from number one if I didn’t tell you this: Contact me if you’d like some candid advice and market feedback about your commercial real estate needs. 😊

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