5 Things Sales People Can Learn From Network Marketers

Everyone they know, knows what they are selling Drink the Kool-Aid Be prepared for opposition and don’t care what anyone thinks Consistency is key Invest in people and education Everyone they know, knows what they are selling Say what you want about network marketing, it works. No pun intended for people who sell that product.

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What did you see when you first looked at the title of this post – nowhere?  Didn’t pay attention?  Look again. Did you immediately see now here or no where? I was first introduced to this concept at a summer camp as a kid.  The camp director, Rev. John Ross, gave us all book marks

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It’s all in your head. How fast are you?

In 1997 I was sitting in my high school cafeteria listening to my high school coach tell a story about how he coached against Chris Spielman when Spielman was in high school.  Coach had gotten Mr. Spielman to come “motivate” us and introduced him by telling us that he had never met a person more

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New Year’s Resolution – Focus on “minimums”

Every year we make our New Year’s resolution and usually it is something that is BIG and life changing.  And, every year at the end of the year, we wonder how it got away.   There are very few people that I have met that don’t use the fact that life got in the way

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Location, Location, Location, Timing.

Probably one of the most famous quotes in real estate is, “Location, Location, Location.”  It has been drilled into our heads for years and probably since you first looked at buying your first piece of real estate. In my time in commercial real estate I couldn’t agree more with that phrase, except that over the years, I’ve

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