Mont Surfaces

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Property Type: Industrial

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Mont Surfaces is a regional distributor of high-end granite and solid surfaces with wholesale showrooms in eight locations across five states. With a growing and busy operating business to attend to, Mont needed a single-source advisor to manage facility, lease, and real estate market risks across multiple markets.

Engaged to negotiate a lease extension in a rapidly-tightening Central Ohio market, Mont needed to maintain competitive facilities economics while securing long-term rights to their showroom/warehouse. Multiple leased facilities across the region need to be managed and balanced to maintain growth opportunities while safeguarding against business and real estate market turns. Mont was managing multiple lease forms with multiple landlords with differing demands.


Working well in advance of lease expiration to assure negotiating leverage, Elford Realty was able to negotiate a lease extension in Columbus more than 20% below market rates. Building off the renewal success, Elford reviewed leases in three other markets, assisting in two subsequent renewals and establishing an advisory position to align Mont’s real estate strategy with long-term growth plans for both owned and leased facilities.

Client: Mont Surfaces

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